To rent a motorcycle from Moto4Rent, you need your identity card (or passport if you don't have one) and your driver's license, both valid during the rental period.
Moto4Rent offers for rent only motorcycles that can be driven with a category A and A2 license. For more details about the motorcycle categories you can find on the partner website: Scoala Moto4U
For touring, adventure touring and supersport motorcycles, it is necessary to have at least 1 year of experience on that type of motorcycle. If you have less than 1 year of experience or are a recent driver's license holder, we can offer you motorcycles that are more friendly and maneuverable, such as naked or sport touring. If you want to take a guide to learn to learn the technique of piloting more quickly, we can offer you this service through the partner site Moto4U School
When you rent a motorcycle, you have to pay the rent and warranty of the motorcycle, depending on the model chosen. The rent of equipment or options that are not included can be added to this cost. These things can be found on the page of each motorcycle.
Moto4Rent only offers mandatory RCA insurance (for third parties). This means that if the accident is caused by someone else's fault, the repair of the motorcycle will be done on the insurance of the culprit. If the accident is caused by the fault of the tenant (Beneficiary), the repair will be carried out at his expense.