Motorcycle renting terms

   - Motorcycles are delivered 

at the headquarters, or surcharged in any central area, mutually agreed; minimum age for renting a motorcycle is 21 years.


      - For renting motorcycles, customer will show driving license for motorcycle category (minimum experience two years), valid and unrestricted, ID, sign the lease and pay the guarantee.

- For motorcycle rental with pilot is necessarry only your ID.

- For motorcycle rental with pilot, if rental period exceeds one day, customer will pay accommodation for pilot.

- For renting motorcycle with pilot, customer will ensure all the road taxes (bridge, highway, parking, etc.).



Motorcycle renting terms

- Rides are in Bucharest or in the country, according to the chosen time rental and rental type (only motorcycle or motorcycle with pilot).

 - We provide into rental price motorcycle, helmet, hood, knee pads, tank-bag.

 - For a fee, we provide full equipment (jacket, pants, gloves).

 - A rental day is considered over a period of 24 hours from the time of rental. Leases can be done daily, between 9:00 and 18:00, from Monday to Friday.

 - Reservations can be made by phone or email (leave a phone number for confirmation).

 - The renting price is paid to handing over the motorcycle and depends on the number of days rented and depends on the bike model chosen for renting.

 - Guarantee for bike rental is paid in advance, and its cost depends on the selected bike model.

 - The motorcycle is delivered with a full tank of fuel, and return the same. If the bike is returned without a full tank will be deducted an amount equal to the tank capacity from the guarantee deposited by the customer.

 - Damage of the equipment provided (helmet, knee-bag tank) is charged with 50 EUR.

 - Loss/damage to ID's of the rented motorcycle will be charged with 100 EUR.

 - In case of damage of the motorcycle will be retained the necessary to repair it from the guarantee, the difference will be be refunded upon the preparation of repair estimation performed at an authorized service center. If the repair exceeds the guarantee deposited to rent, following legal actions will be take to recover the debt from the customer.

 - If the bike is returned dirty, the amount necessary to clean it will be 10 euros and will be retained from the guarantee deposited by the client.

 - The return of the motorcycle in less than 2 hours after the time specified in the contract, will be charged with the equivalent of a half of the price of a day rental.

 - The return of the motorcycle at more than 2 hours after the time specified in the contract, will be charged with the equivalent of one day rental.